Marvel Thunderbolts movie to take inspiration from The Suicide Squad

DC’s The Suicide Squad, the second attempt at a Suicide Squad movie, is one of the best DC movies to have ever released. Helmed by Guardians of the Galaxy director, the brutal action-comedy was a breath of fresh air, one that Marvel wishes to suck in with its alternative: Thunderbolts.

Is Marvel making a Thunderbolts movie?

Reported by Deadline, Marvel is currently ramping up on the creation of its first Marvel Villains film. Initially set up in the ending of Falcon and the Winter Soldier, the movie will follow a band of mercenary villains led by Baron Zemo.

Marvel is said to have hired Jake Schreier as the director, known for his work on Paper Towns. Consistent Marvel writer Eric Pearson is attached to write; Pearson has co-written Thor: Ragnarok, Black Widow and Agent Carter.

Currently, no actors are attached to the project, but the Thunderbolts’ cast seems obvious. Alongside Baron Zemo, Taskmaster, US Agent — formerly Captain America — and Yelena (Black Widow) are expected to star. More villains may become obvious as Phase 4 continues.

“The film is technically still in development so no talent have closed deals yet,” Deadline reporter Daniel Kroll said. “Marvel sees this as their version of SUICIDE SQUAD.”

According to the reporter, Marvel was blown away at the pitch for the upcoming Thunderbolts movie. This led to the movie being greenlit instead of being pushed to a Disney Plus TV.

Filming for Thunderbolts is allegedly scheduled for Summer 2023 with a late 2023/early 2024 release date.

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More Marvel villain movies in the future?

Marvel’s pool of villains is gigantic with most not even being teased in the Marvel Cinematic Universe yet. With that in mind, Marvel could make far more villain movies than just Thunderbolts.

For example, in the future, we could see a movie based on The Cabal, Marvel’s most dangerous group of villains. Consisting of villains such as Thanos, Corvus Glaive, Proxima Midnight, Black Swan and terrifying evil Reed Richards “Maker”, that would be a near-unstoppable force.

Of course, Marvel is attempting to stay more grounded than its comic books. Most of The Cabal are dead in the MCU, and despite multiverse shenanigans, it seems unlikely that they’d bring them back.

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