Marvel is working on more TV-MA shows following Moon Knight success

Marvel has now seen the value of TV-MA after the success of Moon Knight and the Werewolf by Night special. Rumours are now claiming that Marvel will be making more TV-MA projects, chasing the success of more mature stories.

Considering the violence seen in Marvel Comics, there’s no way every adaptation can be confined to PG. It’ll be interesting to see which characters end up with a violent streak; we hope Daredevil will be one.

More TV-MA shows from Marvel

According to entertainment insider and Twitter user MyTimeToShineHello, Marvel is supposedly making multiple TV-MA projects for the Disney+ subscription service. Unfortunately, it’s not yet known which Marvel characters will have shows or Disney+ specials under the more mature TV-MA rating.

Given how Moon Knight and Werewolf by Night were the first two TV-MA projects, darker characters will likely have them. We wouldn’t be surprised if Elsa Bloodstone pops up again with a TV-MA rating after appearing in Werewolf by Night.

Overall, it’s an exciting direction to see Marvel head into, as some fans want to see more experimental superhero projects. Hopefully, we get an official announcement on them soon since it would give fans more things to get excited over.

Previous rumours indicated that Marvel will be leaning into Special Presentation content more often. As some important Marvel characters are quite thin on story, this will allow arcs to be introduced without bad solo movies to kick them off.

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Will Daredevil: Born Again be TV-MA?

Now that Marvel is making more TV-MA projects, fans everywhere are hoping that Daredevil: Born Again will have that rating. Considering how the Netflix series was fairly mature, it would be fitting to see Matt Murdock get down and dirty on Disney+.

Since the series is going to start shooting soon, there’s a chance that it could adopt that rating or already has. Only time will tell if we see the character in his grittier roots again, though his cameo in She-Hulk was fairly entertaining.

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