Kevin Feige warned Sony to not get as big as The Avengers

Sony’s Spider-Man Connected Universe has been a huge mess. From the lovable Venom to the shockingly terrible Morbius, fans are wishing Sony would simply stop. Nevertheless, the company is still going ahead with movies based on Kraven the Hunter, Madame Web and single-issue comic villain El Muerto.

Fans aren’t the only ones worried by Sony's speed run through its catalogue of Spider-Man characters. In fact, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has warned the movie studio of its lofty goals of building an Avengers-style Universe

Did Kevin Feige warn Sony about its universe?

In a report by The Ankler, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige is highly involved in Sony's Marvel Universe. However, much like even the MCU boss oversaw The Amazing Spider-Man movies, he may not be very happy about it.

The Ankler states that Feige gives the studio notes on all of its Marvel movies. We've already seen this before with leaked notes on The Amazing Spider-Man 2 revealing a great disdain for the movie. If only we could see those notes for Morbius; that would make our day.

In the report, it was revealed that Feige has consistently warned Sony about its Cinematic Universe. With Sony attempting to immediately grow its franchise to create its Avengers-level Sinister Six movie, the studio is making a lot of mistakes. Feige has reportedly told the company to calm down. The report states:

“Marvel’s Kevin Feige does weigh in and offer notes on Sony’s Marvel movies that don’t feature Spider-Man. One insider credits Feige for guiding Sony’s approach and warning the studio not to get too ahead of itself in terms of building some larger universe in the vein of the Avengers movies."

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Will Sony ever actually listen to people?

Despite Feige’s advice, it's obvious that Sony isn't taking any of the Marvel boss’ advice to heart. With more movies planned despite negative reception to others, it's clear that Sony does what Sony wants. However, even fans are tired of the studio’s output that so clearly craps on the history of comic book characters.

For example, Sony's Kraven the Hunter is no longer a villain or a hunter. Sony's Madame Web is no longer an old psychic woman and is instead just another Spider-Woman. Why not just make a Spider-Woman movie?

Sony's Cinematic Universe doesn't care about fans of these comic book characters. Instead, it cares about appealing to mainstream audiences, but not even mainstream audiences care. Venom was a success because Venom is a famous character; nobody is going to watch El Muerto.

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