John Krasinski teases Reed Richards return in Fantastic Four

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness saw the fan-cast of John Krasinski as Mr Fantastic become reality. However, it was uncertain if Marvel would be keeping the actor for its upcoming Fantastic Four movie.

Despite fans wanting the actor in the role, it has been stated that Marvel only did this for Doctor Strange. Instead, Krasinski was supposed to be replaced for the actual Fantastic Four movie. Is that still the case?

John Krasinski will return as Mr. Fantastic?

In an interview on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, John Krasinski teased his return to the Marvel universe. While he didn’t outright state his return, The Office actor not-so-subtly implied that he is coming back.

In the interview, the actor was asked if he had seen the Fantastic Four announcement at comic con. However, he confirmed that he was not allowed to say anything about the film.

In fact, Krasinski went as far as to feign assassination when the talk show host’s questioning went too far. After faking his death, the actor explained that releasing any details would make Marvel kill him.

“No, it’s actually a Marvel dart,” the actor said. “That’s a Marvel dart, there’s a guy walking around.”

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Pleasing the fans?

There were a lot of rumours early on that Marvel was looking for a younger cast for its Fantastic Four movie. While not as young as Josh Trank’s Fant4stic, Marvel seemed interested in having a more youthful cast to keep the team around longer.

However, fans have clamoured for John Krasinski to be the MCU’s main Mr. Fantastic. At this point, after giving them a taste in Doctor Strange 2, it looks like that’s inevitable now. After all, you can’t just take it away.

This does appear to be one of the most fan-pleasing things Marvel has ever done. Usually, Marvel casting is far different from fan-castings. However, we have to admit, Krasinski is a fantastic fit. Oh, and, uh, pun not intended.

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