First MCU Disney+ crossover event scheduled for next year

The most engaging part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is watching characters finally interact with each other. Currently, this level of interconnected interaction has been completely missing from MCU Disney+ content, but the first crossover event is in the works.

Marvel’s first MCU Disney+ crossover event

While originally revealed as just another series, the upcoming release of Secret Wars has now been designated as the TV Avengers. Just like how The Avengers saw all of the Phase One movie heroes combine, this be the same for Marvel TV.

On the official Marvel page, as spotted by The Direct, Secret Invasion is now described as a Marvel “crossover event”. However, no heroes have been confirmed for the show.

At the time of writing, there are only a few characters confirmed for the series. These include Nick Fury, Maria Hill, Talos and Emilia Clarke‘s new character. The only actual hero that’s confirmed for the series is War Machine.

Nevertheless, superheroes will be a main part of the first MCU Disney+ crossover event. Which superheroes this’ll include are unconfirmed, but we expect Hawkeye, Ms Marvel, She-Hulk and Moon Night to all be included.

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A Darker Series

While we still don’t know which superheroes will be included in the upcoming series, we do know more information about the show. Based on the comic book of the same name, Secret Invasion will focus on Skrulls who have taken over the identity of Marvel heroes.

In a recent interview, the show was described as a “darker” storyline for the MCU. With everyone unsure who to trust, the entire series will be unsettling.

“This is a darker show. We're going to get deeper into the characters,” said Cobie Smulders. “We're going to see them in new ways, and it's going to be an exciting thriller, and you're never going to know who people are. Are they a Skrull? Are they a human? It's going to be a bit of a guessing game."

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