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Daredevil is a main character in Marvel’s Echo Disney Plus show

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The return of Charlie Cox as Daredevil in Spider-Man: No Way Home was a momentous occasion for fans the world over. After the cancellation of Netflix’s fantastic series, many wondered if we would ever see Matt Murdock in the MCU.

That excitement was two-fold as Daredevil’s theatrical appearance was matched with Kingpin’s MCU debut in Hawkeye. Now, both characters are set to return in Echo, an upcoming Disney Plus series.

Is Daredevil in the Echo series?

According to comic book movie news podcast The Weekly Planet, Daredevil will have a major role in the upcoming Echo series. Not only will the character appear to help the titular Echo fight Kingpin, but he will be in the majority of the show’s episodes.

Not only will Matt Murdock appear, but he will also be joined by another one of The Defenders: Jessica Jones. With the official Marvel Instagram claiming that everything is connected, an official announcement may be just around the corner.

“Daredevil is in it for three episodes, as in Charlie Cox,” claimed podcaster James Clement. “[He’s] also going to be rocking a red and black suit and is looking for Jessica Jones.”

Kingpin is vying for mayor

According to the podcaster, Daredevil’s three-episode run will be beaten by Kingpin’s appearance. In comparison, Kingpin will be in four of the presumed six episodes. This makes sense seeing as the character is the lead villain of the series.

However, Kingpin will be much different from his appearance in Hawkeye. While he will be slightly more jovial than his Netflix appearance, the character will be attempting to run for mayor whilst spouting an eyepatch. Now that’s very comic book.

“Vinnie D’Onofrio is in four [episodes],” they said. “The Kingpin storyline is building up to him running for mayor of New York City. Apparently, he’s going to be wearing an eye patch because he was shot in the head in Hawkeye.“

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More Defenders in the future?

This is just the start of Marvel’s re-introduction of The Defenders in the MCU. With official marketing using images of every Defenders actor, yes even Iron Fist’s actor, we can expect to see more in the future.

Will there be another season of The Defenders? That we don’t know. However, we really hope there will be, and we hope it’s done right.

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