Xbox Wireless Controller sync memory: How to switch between Xbox Series X/S console, PC and mobile Bluetooth at the press of a button

The Xbox Wireless Controller was already one of our favourites, but we've just learned about a feature which makes us like it even more: there's a way to switch your connection between devices at the press of a button, and it's so easy that it's practically a life-hack.

If you're the type of player that switches between playing on an Xbox console and playing on Bluetooth devices like a PC or a phone, this feature will reduce a lot of that faff you might be experiencing when you switch between systems.

It all comes down the Xbox Wireless Controller having a memory of your previously-synced devices, with a handy button that lets you jump between them. Keep on reading and we'll tell you everything...

Xbox Wireless Controller Sync Memory explained

You probably already know that the Xbox Wireless Controller, which launched alongside the Xbox Series X/S consoles last year, doesn't only work with the next-gen consoles.

You can also use it with an Xbox One console, a Windows 10 PC or laptop, and a wide variety of Bluetooth products including Android phones and Apple iPhones (thanks to a recent iOS update).

You may already be using your Xbox Wireless Controller across multiple devices, but you might have failed to notice that this clever controller also has a sync memory. This means it can remember the devices you've connected to in the past, and there's even a handy button you can use to switch between them.

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Xbox Wireless Controller: How to switch between Xbox console and Bluetooth devices easily

We've got a Microsoft employee called Timo Wolf to thank for this revelation, which is sure to make life slightly easier for a fair few gamers.

Wolf took to Twitter to share a handy breakdown of the Xbox Wireless Controller's sync memory feature, including an annotated image that makes things extra clear. Take a look...

Yes, it really is that easy! If you want to connect to your last mobile or PC device, simply hold down the Sync button on the back of the controller until the Xbox logo on the front flashes multiple times.

And when you want to switch back to your Xbox One or Xbox Series X/S console, you simply need to double-tap the Sync button. You should see a single flash from the logo on the front of the controller, which signifies that you've connected to the console.

Wolf went onto post a couple of other Tweets about this "little trick", including a handy video, which seems like the perfect place to stop rambling and let this article end...

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