Xbox Series X Minecraft glitch - worlds keep crashing the console

xbox series x minecraft glitch running through the block world

Minecraft has been the go-to game for many players in the last few years, especially since it’s been converted to many consoles.

With the recent launch of the new Xbox Series S/X, players have been reaping the benefits of the hardware of the new consoles with Minecraft, but there has been a couple of issues plaguing some players.

A recent update called the ‘Nether Update’ brought a new mob in the form of a ‘Piglin brute’, alongside UI enhancements and bug fixes.

But ever since the game has been available on the new Xbox consoles, some players have been experiencing a glitch. Here’s a rundown of it, and how to fix it.

What is the Glitch?

It’s certainly a strange glitch, where a player is simply loading up their world, and it completely crashes the console.

There’s no message of a crash, or a kickback to the Home Screen, but it turns the console off and even deletes the save.

It’s seemingly possible to reach your world through a save eventually, but you may be subject to a huge amount of lag.

This could be a major issue if Mojang or Microsoft don’t resolve it soon, but there are some unofficial fixes in the meantime.

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How to Fix Xbox Series X Minecraft Glitch

First, make sure to visit Minecraft’s ‘Help Center’ once they add an article regarding the issue. There has been one article that relates to something similar on PS4 and Nintendo Switch. It’s recommended there to restart the console and launch Minecraft, and nothing else.

Another aspect is to delete Minecraft entirely, restart the console and re-download the game again.

Another is to contact Mojang directly, usually through their ‘Support’ account on Twitter.

The company are usually very fast in resolving issues; after all, it is Minecraft. We are only a couple of days after the launch of the Series S/X, so we won’t be surprised if this is fixed by the end of the week.

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