Which email address is linked to my Instagram account?

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Instagram, just like any other social media app requires its users to log in and link an email address that they own.

But there may be instances where you may forget which email address is linked to your account.

Fortunately there is a way on how you can find it - directly in the Instagram app itself.

With that being said, here's how to find out which email address is linked to your Instagram account.

Find your email address in the Instagram app

In your own Instagram app, you can find the email address linked to your account.

Head to your profile and select the Edit Profile option. Once you click it, it will show various details about your account.

It includes the linked email address, your username, home bio, website, phone number, and age.

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Change your Instagram email address

If you decide to change your Instagram email address, you just need to do the steps mentioned above.

Tap to the email address section and it should let you type in your new email address to replace the old one.

Click Done and then head on to your email to confirm your new linked email address to Instagram.

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