Where are Stadia screenshots saved?

Taking pictures of your coolest moments is an ever-growing part of playing video games. Fortunately, Stadia also has its own screenshot feature.

From epic killstreaks to memorable scenes, many players would want to keep a souvenir of the moment. Snapping the moment can be done through the Stadia’s screenshot feature.

However, one can't help but wonder just where these screenshots are saved.

With this in mind, here's how to use the Stadia’s screenshot feature and find the screenshots afterwards. 

Taking Stadia Screenshots

According to the official Stadia site, taking screenshots in the app only takes a single button.

To start snapping pictures, press the Capture button on the Stadia controller, or F12 on your keyboard. 

Lastly, the touch gamepad also has the Capture button similar to the regular Stadia controller if on the mobile. Make sure to only tap the screenshot button will make Stadia record footage instead. 

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Where to find your Stadia Screenshots

Once you’ve taken the screenshots, the pictures can be found at a section found within the Stadia app, saving you lots of time in trying to look for them.

On the Stadia app, it’ll be found in the Home screen and scroll down until you find the “Captures & game states” button. On the other end, the Stadia site holds its screenshots under its “Captures & game states” button and is found through scrolling down the site.  

Once inside, the screenshots can be browsed through from the recent ones first or can be viewed all through the See all button. When you take another screenshot in Stadia, you’ll now know where to find it. 

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