What are Mini PCs?

Back in the day, choosing a computer seemed like a relatively simple task: Apple or PC?

But now, the options are bewildering, with an almost endless range of processors, graphics cards, makes and models.

And to make this even more confusing, there is a sub-genre of PC, known as the Mini PC.

This explainer will give you an idea of what a Mini PC is.

So what are Mini PCs?

As the name suggests, a Mini PC works like a desktop, but takes up much less space.

Some are small enough to simply attach to the back of a monitor, or even stick sized ones which can fit in your pocket.

They typically benefit from small components borrowed from laptops, which tend to be highly energy efficient.

They also come in a wide range of specifications, from basic PCs for simple tasks, to more powerful models that can perform just as well as larger desktop.

Why might I want one?

If space is an issue, then a Mini PC might be a perfect choice.

It would allow you to use a larger monitor than you would potentially otherwise fit on your workstation.

In addition, they can often be found for a much lower price than a traditional desktop.

They can also be useful as a back up in case your regular computer breaks down.

So while they may not be right for everyone, Mini PCs definitely fit a niche, and may be worth investigating when you next find yourself in the market for a new computer.

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