Which email address is linked to my Twitch account? Here's how to find out

If you've been a user of Twitch since its early days (does anyone else remember Justin.tv?), then it might have been years since you've had to remember which email you first used to sign up to the streaming platform with.

However, with all the changes Twitch has gone through in recent years, there might come a time when you need to enter your email address linked with your account.

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If you've managed to forget which email was connected to your Twitch account, then don't worry as we've got you covered. Check out how to find your email down below...

How to find out which email is connected to Twitch

If you're logged into your Twitch account on any device, it's pretty easy to find your email address for that account.

Simply click on your profile in the top corner, and go to Settings. Here, you should select Security and Privacy. Your linked email address should be right at the top of this page, where Twitch also gives you the opportunity to change your email address if you so desire.

What to do if you forgot the email address and are not signed into Twitch

If you're trying to find your Twitch account after a lengthy break from the streaming site on a new device, for example, then you might not be logged in to any device to check the email in the Account Settings.

If this is your situation, then there are a couple of different methods you can try to find which email is linked to your old Twitch account.

The first thing you can try is a somewhat brute force method. If you search through your emails for messages from no-reply@twitch.tv, you may find emails either notifying you of streams, or sent to verify your email address, for example. These emails will address you by your Twitch account name, showing you which ID is linked to which email.

Otherwise, the only other method you can try is to contact Twitch Support, who will help you recover your Twitch account to the best of their ability. You can get in contact from here.

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