Switch: How to disconnect a Joy-Con from a Nintendo Switch

The Joy-Cons of your Nintendo Switch give the console feeling whenever you would use one.

However if you wish to disconnect either one or both of these controllers from your Nintendo Switch, it is possible.

It can just be one click away.

Here's how to disconnect a Joy-Con from a Nintendo Switch.

Disconnect your Joy-Con from Nintendo Switch

Disconnecting your Joy-Con from the Nintendo Switch is very simple.

All you have to do is to just click the small black pairing button on your Joy-Con to turn it off.

It will automatically disconnect your Joy-Con to your system; it's literally one click away.

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Detach your Joy-Con from Nintendo Switch

If you want to literally disconnect or detach your Joy-Con from Nintendo Switch, you can also do it.

Press the release button located at the back of your Nintendo Switch as you slide your Joy-Con upwards.

Your Joy-Con should now work as wireless controllers for your Nintendo Switch.

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