Switch: How to add a friend on the Switch

On the Nintendo Switch, you can add your friends who also have the console. But you can also add those you met through the games, apps, and the online Switch community.

By doing so, you can tag along with them whenever you don't want to play a game alone.

It is quite easy to do so. You just need to do some simple steps to make friends on your console.

With that, here's how to add a friend on the Nintendo switch console.

How to add a friend on the Switch

Here's the most common method in how you can add a friend on the Nintendo Switch console.

  • Head to your Switch profile page and select the Add Friend option.
  • Choose the Search with Friend Code afterwards.
  • Now enter your friend's 12-digit friend code on the screen.
  • Select the Send Friend Request once you confirm it's him or her.
  • Finish by clicking OK.

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How to accept a friend request in Nintendo Switch

If you want to check if you have friend requests available, you may do so by doing these steps:

  • Go to the Add Friend option in your Switch profile page.
  • Select the Friend Requests tab.
  • You may now see if there are pending friend requests.

If there is one, select it and click 'Become Friends'. Once added, you now have a new friend on your Switch console, ready to play Smash Bros, Mario Kart and much more that the Switch offers.

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