Splitgate Matchmaking Error: How To Fix 'Unable to Join' Matchmaking Issue

If you find yourself unable to join a match on Splitgate, you're going to struggle to actually play the game. After all, a PvP game fundamentally relies on finding an opponent to challenge yourself against. With the growing popularity of the game, it's even more important that players can actually use Splitgate matchmaking.

But worry no more, for we are here, like a tech-focussed Fairy Godmother, to provide you with all the matchmaking help you need. We won't be adorning you with impractical footwear and time sensitive travel arrangements. We'll just give you answers. And maybe a really big gun. Here's what you need to know about the Unable to Join matchmaking issue on Splitgate.

How to fix 'Unable to Join' Matchmaking Issue

At the time of writing, we would definitely recommend following the Splitgate Twitter feed, where they regularly offer updates to server issues and the status of the game. But in the meantime, there are really only two known fixes for the matchmaking issue:

  • Fix number one is a simple game restart. Closing it down and relaunching it has been known to work for some players.
  • The second option isn't really a fix. It's simply waiting. And waiting. And waiting some more. If you're lucky eventually you will gain access to the game, and be able to play.

While this isn't ideal, it's worth pausing for a moment to think about the bigger picture, and why this error is happening in the first place. This is what we'll look at next.

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What is the Splitgate Matchmaking error?

We've talked before about some of the challenges the game developers have faced in dealing with how popular this game has become. In a short space of time, the game has exploded in popularity, and the servers have struggled to cope with the volume of traffic. This error is no different, in that it seems to be caused by an issue at the server end.

If this is true, then there really is very little that you can do to fix it, other than wait. It's worth pointing out that Splitgate has a pretty small team, and they are working hard to improve things as they go. There have already been big improvements in the capacity of their servers. It is to be hoped, that as they continue to optimise performance, that the matchmaking error will also start to disappear.

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