Sonic Frontiers: Release Date, Rumours, And Everything We Know

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The 2021 Game Awards saw the unveiling of the official trailer for Sonic Frontiers. Having previously been the subject of a lot of rumours, we now have confirmation of the new Sonic game. But what else do we know about it? We've rounded up all the key information you need to get your hands on. Here's everything we know about Sonic Frontiers.

Sonic Frontiers Release Date

Sega did not confirm a release date for Sonic Frontiers when they released the trailer. But they did pencil in a notional release for 'holiday 2022'. But there are a few breadcrumbs we can follow. Perhaps less a breacrumb, and more an entire loaf, was a tweet from @PlaystaionSize.

These guys monitor the PlayStation Database, and made an interesting discovery. Apparently, Sonic Frontiers is due for release on November 15th, 2022. Of course, it's worth pointing out that this may simply be a placeholder, rather than a rock-solid, locked-in date. But it certainly gives us a steer for when we might expect to see Sonic Frontiers land.

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Sonic Frontiers Rumours

Sonic Frontiers will be the first open-world Sonic game in the history of the IP. The game takes place on the Starfall Islands. These include a variety of environments: dense forests, overflowing waterfalls and sizzling deserts. There are almost certainly others awaiting confirmation.

Takashi Iizuka, creative officer at Sonic Team USA stated (via Gfinity):

Sonic Frontiers is a huge leap forward for the franchise, delivering an evolved gameplay experience that can be enjoyed by longtime Sonic fans and action-adventure enthusiasts alike. With the effort of the talented developers at Sonic Team Japan, we’ve created an all-new style of gameplay experience for Sonic the Hedgehog, where players will be able to explore lush and expansive landscapes with Sonic’s signature speed and abilities. 
There's sure to be lots of twists and turns around every corner in Sonic Frontiers, and we’re excited to unveil more information about the game over the coming months.

In previous interviews, he confirmed he wants this to be the foundation for future titles, much like Sonic Adventures did previously.

Anything Else Worth Knowing?

The game will be written by Ian Flynn, who has an incredible track record in Sonic comic writing, notably Archie Comic and the IDW Sonic series. The Director is Morio Kishimoto, perhaps best known for his work on Sonic Colours.

And there's more: on the trailer, a mysterious voice tells Sonic "Over here!". Sega has confirmed that this is the voice of Amy Rose. She will be voiced by Cindy Robinson. Colleen O'Shaugnessy will be the voice of Tails, both in the game, and in the Sonic 2 movie which is due for release soon. Mike Pollock is believed to be playing the role of Dr Eggman. Presumably, he will be the villain in the game.

There's still plenty to be revealed before the game arrives at the end of 2022. But excitement is already building for what could be a great new era of Sonic games. Happily, the game is due for release across all major platforms - PS4 and PS5, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC. So if you're a fan of Sonic, you don't need to worry about missing out, regardless of your preferred console.

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We'll update this article as we learn more. So keep checking in.

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