How to fix slow download issue on Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Season 6 update: If your PC is stuck at 0.2MBs download speed, this is how to speed up the Warzone Season 6 download on a laptop or computer

With Call of Duty: Modern Warfare's Warzone Season 6 seeing yet another 30GB update, some PC players may again see incredibly slow download speeds of 0.2MBs - this common problem makes it virtually impossible for some laptop and computer-based gamers to download the latest Warzone update.

Not only is the 0.2MBs speed annoying, but with the size of Warzone updates, means it's near impossible to actually download.

While console gamers fiddle with the settings on their Xbox One and PS4 boxes, to uninstall the Modern Warfare campaign and make room for the update, PC gamers are being burdened with a weird glitch that is causing very slow downloads of Modern Warfare/Warzone Season 6.

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Luckily, a fix has been found that should resolve the issue for most PC gamers and speed up the download.

Read on for the essential intel that should hopefully fix the slow download problem if you're struggling to download the Modern Warfare Season 5 update...

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How to fix slow download speed issue for Modern Warfare/Warzone version 1.29

Previously, Area 2020 on YouTube found a solution for the slow download problem surrounding Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare'sSeason 4 update, and we've broken it down into a step by step guide.

So, if your Warzone update is crawling along at 0.2MBs, this is what you need to do to speed it up...

  • Once you spot that your download has stopped and/or slowed to a snail's pace, the first thing you need to do is click the Pause button
  • Then you need to head to the Settings menu
  • Towards the bottom of the Settings screen, you should see an option to set your download speed to 100 KB/s - you'll want to do this ASAP, and it might solve the issue
  • If the download still won't move at a reasonable speed, try pausing and resuming the update - now it should get going
  • Once the download is progressing, head back to the Settings screen for a second time, and set your download speed to 0 - this will make the update try for your internet's highest possible speed, which should get that download finished as soon as possible.

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What if the Warzone update download speed drops again?

We've heard reports that, sometimes, this fix will only work for a short while. If your download speeds up and then slows down again, you may need to rinse and repeat the steps outlined above.

If your speed only stays at its maximum for a short while before going back down, try following the process again to get another burst of high speed download action.

In the end, you should get there, and the joys of a Modern Warfare Season 6 will be yours to experience!

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