How to see second BeReal in Memories

How to see second BeReal in Memories

How to see second BeReal in Memories

If you’re wondering how to see your second BeReal in Memories, you’ve come to the right place.

In response to a decrease in average daily users, BeReal has implemented a series of new features through its latest update. These additions include the ability to add music to BeReal, as well as the option to post an additional two BeReals per day.

However, many users can't find their bonus BeReals in Memories. So, continue reading to know how to see your second BeReal post in Memories. While you are here, learn how to see BeReal without posting.

How to see your second BeReal post

Currently, you can’t see your second bonus BeReal. But your bonus BeReals are securely stored and will soon be accessible in your Memories, the official website says.

Still, you can view your first BeReal for the day whenever you want. If you missed the timer, you can still post your BeReal but your friends will be notified that you've posted late.

Additionally, the Memories panel is meant to store the BeReal posts that you’ve made in the past. You’ll eventually see your first, second, third, and succeeding posts.

However, keep in mind that your BeReal posts are private. Your friends couldn’t view your BeReals in the Memories panel. This feature creates a deeper sense of authenticity and a spark of anticipation over your next posts

Can I delete my bonus BeReals?

As a BeReal user, you have the option to delete a BeReal post. You can even delete your bonus BeReal posts from Memories.

Here are the steps for deleting your bonus BeReals:

  • Open the bonus BeReal preview panel.
  • Tap the three-dot settings button.
  • Choose 'delete.'
  • Indicate a reason for deleting your BeReal and hit 'confirm.'

Once you’ve followed all of the steps, your bonus BeReals will disappear forever. There’s no other way to recover them (at least for now). So, think twice before zapping your awesome bonus BeReals!

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