Rust: How to get food

Even in real life, food is a necessity. And in the popular game Rust, it is also considered a resource.

Food that can be obtained in the game could potentially provide boosts and bonuses, sort of like real food does.

Those mentioned benefits could make you win fights in PvP, as well as keeping your character as durable as possible whenever you roam around.

Here are some ways to get food in Rust:

Get food by looking for it

As you go about your business in the game, you will encounter places where you can find food, such as the supermarket and gas station.

You can look for boxes containing food. Some of the food you will eventually find includes fruits, canned goods, and pickles, as well as bottled water, and water jugs.

Also, food can also be found from natural resources and places. You can have berries, cactus flesh, corn, pumpkins, mushrooms, and potatoes. These can be located more often alongside rivers, woodland areas, and even in deserts.

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Get food by hunting and cooking it

Rust has a variety of animals that can be hunted down to either get cloth, or eventually cooking the meaty carcass.

You can hunt for bear, chicken breast, deer, fish, pork, horse, wolf, or even human meat. Yep, in Rust it is possible to do some sort of cannibalism.

Just make sure to cook those. With stone and wood, you can produce fire which can be used to make sure those meats are properly cooked and ready to eat.

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Get food by farming and harvesting fruits and vegetables

As listed by Corrosion Hour, you can farm and harvest your own fruits and vegetables in the game.

You can manage and control your own farm through developing a planter. It can house a variety of crops, including berries, pumpkin, corn, and potatoes.

And just like real-life crops, you must then provide water and sunlight for those. The more you food you plant and take care of, the more crops you can harvest.

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