Rust: How to fix mouse cursor on screen

When you're playing Rust, there is always a small chance where your mouse cursor may be stuck on your screen.

This may also be the case in other games, but this one seems to happen more in Rust; it was even discussed on the game's official Reddit page.

But as irritating as it may seem, this could be fixed at some point, and then you can continue playing smoothly afterward (just pray that it won't happen again).

Here are some ways on how to fix the mouse cursor on the screen while playing Rust.

Fix mouse screen cursor on screen by restarting the game

That's it. It's that simple.

Instead of waiting for the stuck mouse screen cursor to solve the problem on its own, just act accordingly. Fix it by restarting the game.

Luckily, the progress you already had before the problem would occur could be saved on its own.

Don't hesitate to do this; act immediately and don't wait for it to be fixed automatically.

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What causes the mouse screen cursor to be stuck on screen?

There are various factors that could cause the mouse screen cursor to be stuck on the screen. But it could be a severe game lag.

Lagging issues cannot be totally prevented in video games. But there are some ways you can do to lessen those.

Always check beforehand if your PC meets the minimum specs required by Rust. And once you could run it, you can adjust the game settings to lower the game's graphics.

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