Rust: How to change character

Most games provide the comfort of choosing and customizing a player's character at the beginning. But in Rust, that's not the case.

The game already gives a pre-selected character to a player right at the beginning of their survival journey. And no, you can't complain about it.

But if you insist on changing your character in Rust, there is only one way to do it.

Change your character by switching to another Steam account

There it is folks. The only way to do it.

According to Game Revolution, the only available way to change your character in Rust is completely switching to another Steam account.

As much as you uninstall then re-install the game multiple times, it would not happen as long as you use the same Steam account over and over again. You must totally use another Steam account to change your character.

Creating your new Steam account could be done, however, through the Family Share feature. You could launch the game through a newly-created Steam account using this option.

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There is no guarantee

But even when you do the switching to another Steam account method, it doesn't mean that you will get the character that you wish for.

Again, it would just generate another character which is not based on your preference. So it is advisable to just stick with the character that Rust would generate.

It's more of a roll in a dice. Yet as what they say, you could do it for more chances. And this time, the win would probably be your desired character.

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