How to setup Facebook Messenger on Quest 3

Boy sitting on a chair using a Quest 3 without any controller.
Credit: Meta

For active users of Facebook, the Facebook Messenger app is vital for connecting and communicating with friends and family. Now, with the launch of Meta's Quest 3 VR headset, connecting with other users on Facebook Messenger has gotten even more convenient.

The Quest 3 integrates Facebook Messenger perfectly into its list of apps, and not only does it provide all the functionality of Facebook Messenger on mobile, but it brings a new VR feature to the app which elevates the experience to a whole new level. Here's how to set up Facebook Messenger on the Quest 3, and how to use its new VR feature.

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How to set up Facebook Messenger on the Quest 3

Users of Facebook and Facebook Messenger will be happy to know that both apps come pre-installed with the Quest 3, right out of the box. This comes as a shock to no one, considering that Meta is the parent company of both Facebook and Meta Quest.

Navigating through the app library on the Quest 3.
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Accessing Facebook Messenger on the Quest 3

To access Facebook Messenger on the Quest 3, simply follow the following instructions:

  1. Open up the universal Menu using your touch controller
  2. Navigate to the App Library
  3. Select Messenger

And just like that, you're in. Now all that's left is to sign up or sign in, and start chatting with all your loved ones.

Calling a friend on Quest 3 through Facebook Messenger.
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Using VR in Facebook Messenger on the Quest 3

Facebook Messenger on the Meta Quest 3 takes screen sharing to a whole new level. Instead of sharing what's going on in just your screen, the Quest 3's VR capabilities allow users to share everything they're seeing in their VR space with people they call on Facebook Messenger. Here's what you need to do to toggle this feature:

  1. To start, join a call and click on the Sharing button
  2. Then, select Start Sharing to share your VR view
  3. Once you're done, choose Stop Sharing to disable the mode

What adds to the fun of this feature is the fact that your view is shared even when you switch apps. So you can browse the web, go through photos, or even share your gameplay thanks to Facebook Messenger's VR sharing feature exclusive to the Quest 3.

That's all you need to know about setting up Facebook Messenger on the Quest 3. For more, check out how to update the Quest 3 and how to cast Quest 3 on to your TV.

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