PUBG Mobile vs COD Mobile: Differences, Graphics, Player Count And More

As two of the most popular mobile games out there, exactly what are the differences between PUBG and COD Mobile? Today, we'll give you a full PUBG Mobile vs COD Mobile head-to-head, looking at the major points of comparison between the pair.

How many players does each game have? How do they compare in terms of graphics and gameplay? And anything else that we feel is relevant.

What are the main differences?

PUBG Mobile was launched back in 2017, and has enjoyed considerable success in that time. Gameplay is very much focussed on Battle Royale style matches. with the recently released version 1.6, the game has multiple modes to choose from:

  • Metro Royale: Reunion – (available from Sept. 28)
  • Titans: Last Stand – Sept. 28
  • Vikendi map – Oct. 8
  • Survive Till Dawn – Oct. 15
  • Infection Mode – Oct. 15
  • Payload 2.0 – Oct. 15
  • Explore Runic Powers – Oct. 15

This is in addition to an all-new Flora Menace mode. It's fair to say that PUBG has slightly more fantastical approach to gameplay than COD Mobile. You won't be fighting Godzilla or King Kong on COD. It also has more outlandish fashion than you'll ever see in the other game.

COD Mobile was a little later to the party, launching in 2019. It did however, have the legacy of the entire Call of Duty franchise to support it. And, much like the other COD games, it offers a more grounded, realistic gameplay environment. It offers a Battle Royale mode, with up to 100 players involved in a single match. It also offers a traditional 5v5 team play option. And Season 6 of the game introduced a new Undead siege mode.

Characters are available from COD: Black Ops and Modern Warfare, should you have a favourite from one of those games. None of them are likely to be dressed like a lobster though. And this is one of the major differences between the two games. PUBG Mobile has a big focus on theatrical costumes, while COD is much more serious. Both games allow players to buy additional items to further customise their characters.

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PUBG Mobile vs COD Mobile Graphics?

Graphically speaking, PUBG Mobile runs on the Unreal Engine designed by Epic Games, while COD Mobile uses the Unity Engine. As a general principle, the Unreal Engine is regarded as delivering more photo-realistic visuals, while the Unreal engine requires a bit more effort to reach the same standard.

As a result, PUBG is probably the slightly more finely detailed, clearer game. That's far from saying that COD is ugly, or resembles a child's drawing. Far from it. But there are differences in the way the games look and feel. COD for example, will often have more items in the environment that you can interact with. Both games are capable of running at 60FPS, although there are reports of PUBG developing lag the longer the game is running.

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PUBG Mobile vs COD Mobile Player Count

Since launching in 2017, PUBG Mobile has amassed a huge following. It has been downloaded over 600 million times, and has 50 million active daily players (outside mainland China). In 2020, it generated over $2.6 billion in revenue.

COD Mobile meanwhile, is estimated to have accumulated gross revenues of $565 million since release. Back in May 2021, Activision announced that COD Mobile had been downloaded over 500 million times, in under two years.

Anything else worth noting?

In terms of system requirements there are a lot of similarities. For PUBG Mobile, the recommended system requirements are as follows: Android 5.1.1 or above and at least 2GB memory. COD Mobile meanwhile, also requires 2GB of RAM, and Android 5.1. On iOS, 2GB of RAM and iOS 9.0 or later is sufficient.

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