PSVR: How to update the PSVR headset

It's not just the actual PlayStation console that you can update - it also applies for the PSVR headset.

Your PSVR headset's software can be updated every time there is one available.

There are just a few steps you need to consider. But once you've completed them, you can enjoy using your newly updated PSVR headset again.

So with that, here's how to update the PSVR headset.

Make sure that your PSVR headset is connected to your PS console

You need to make sure that your PSVR headset is connected to your PlayStation console first of all.

Otherwise all of the steps tackled would be useless.

Connect your PSVR headset how you normally set it up on your PS console.

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Update your PSVR headset

Proceed to update your headset, but there are some procedures which you need to do first.

  • Navigate your way from the actual PS home screen by selecting the Settings.
  • Then click Devices and choose the PlayStation VR option.
  • Select the PlayStation VR Device Software option and choose the Update PlayStation VR Device Software on the screen.
  • Click Next and end with choosing the Update option.

It will now allow your PSVR to update. Expect it to turn off multiple times as it will implement all the updates available.

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