PSVR: How to adjust the headset

Your PSVR headset experience is possible by, obviously, wearing it on your head. It's ideal to adjust it at times, depending on your preference.

You must be comfortable wearing it while moving, since it is likely that you will move and explore physical spaces in the many games it offers.

The good thing is, is that the headset is adjustable, and really easy to wear.

With that, here's how to adjust the PSVR headset.

Adjust your actual PSVR headset

Your PSVR headset must fit on your head. But make sure it's not too tight nor too loose.

Just hold down the button placed at the back centre of the headset. Simultaneously pull the other side while placing it properly on your head.

Once you get the right fit, let it go. Make sure it does not cause discomfort on your face while being still or in motion.

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Place your PSVR headset's cable properly

The cable connecting your PSVR headset to the console may be a hindrance for you, especially while moving.

But you can make this more convenient by placing your console on your left side.

It will fall down when you do this, so make sure that everything is placed where there's no chance of anything falling, or even someone tripping over.

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