PS5 trigger broken - How to fix it when your PlayStation 5 controller triggers snap and go loose

DualSense controller - PS5 trigger broken
Credit: Sony

DualSense controller - PS5 trigger broken
Credit: Sony

If your PS5 controller's triggers broke and you want to fix it, we've got the solutions for you!

The PS5 controller has only been around for six months, but some users are already reporting problems with the DualSense's famous adaptive triggers.

As Sony hyped up during the PS5 console's pre-release marketing, the L2 and R2 shoulder buttons on the DualSense controller can do some really cool stuff, seeming to 'fight back' against your touch if the developers decide to enable the function. Housemarque's latest game Returnal, for example, uses adaptive triggers to switch between a standard and 'Alt-Fire' mode.

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But with great power comes great potential for things to go wrong! Here's what we know about the PS5 controller's broken trigger problem, and what you can do to work around it...

How to fix broken trigger on PS5 controller

"DualSense triggers failing for some users", reads the headline of a ResetEra forum post, penned by the user EeK9X. And it seems like a common problem, judging by the 17 pages of replies that have come in so far.

Summing up the problem, the user wrote, "A few days ago, I was swinging around in Miles Morales when I felt the R2 snap and immediately become looser. It was as if whatever was causing the trigger to "resist" broke, causing it to go back to being a regular, non-adaptive trigger."

So what can you do if this happens to you? Well, the ResetEra post points to the video below, from a YouTube account named TronicsFix. At around 9 minutes and 12 seconds into the video, you can see what the adaptive triggers look like on the inside...

If you fancy unscrewing your controller and going under the hood, you'll want to try to reattach whichever bit has fallen off, and make your broken trigger look exactly like the non-broken one.

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If you do try to do that, good luck to you! Just remember that you might void your warranty if you go meddling on the inside of your PS5 controller. And that warranty could actually provide a simpler solution...

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How to get a replacement PS5 controller from Sony

If you've bought a PS5 controller in the last few months, there's a good chance that your DualSense is still under warranty. And it's important to check the warranty status of your controller. If you attempt to repair it yourself, this may actually void the warranty. Which would be an expensive mistake.

If you head to Sony's official 'Fix and Replace' webpage, you'll be able to check if your PS5 controller is indeed under warranty. Here you can check what your options are when it comes to fixing this problem.

You might be able to send your DualSense off for repairs, or Sony might just send you a brand new one. You can click here to fly off to Sony's website and find out for yourself. It might take a few weeks for the controller to return, so buying a backup controller is probably a good option, even if you do get one replaced.

Alongside getting a replacement for broken triggers, players have also sent off their DualSense controllers to fix the stick drift issues.

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Hopefully, you'll be eligible for a fix or a replacement, and you won't have to worry about taking apart your controller or forking out for a new one. Good luck!

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