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If you find your PS5 stuck in safe mode, you may be feeling some feelings. After all, Safe Mode is supposed to be safe. It isn’t meant to cause issues, it is meant to solve them. A bit like a Prime Minister, say. Unfortunately, a bit like a Prime Minister, the theory and the reality don’t always neatly align.

But while a dodgy politician isn’t an issue that can be immediately resolved, a dodgy Safe Mode can be fixed relatively easily. We’ll explain everything you need to know, right here, right now.

How To Fix PS5 Stuck In Safe Mode

Obviously, at this stage, you’ll have already put your console in Safe Mode. And ordinarily, leaving Safe Mode is as simple as it gets. Usually, you would just restart your console by selecting the Restart PS5 option at the top of the screen. When it reboots, it will return to the normal start-up screen we all know and love.

But this is no ordinary situation. And for some reason, your PS5 remains stuck in Safe Mode. Luckily though, there are potential fixes to this problem. We say luckily. This is an issue that has arisen in previous PlayStation generations. So it’s more the result of bitter experience than anything else. Either way, here’s what you can try.

Escape From Safe Mode

  • Start by restarting the console and see if it fixes the issue.
  • The second thing to try is - Restore Default Settings. This will restore the PS5 to default factory settings. But it won’t delete any content stored on the console.
  • If your second option doesn’t work, then the next thing to try is option 5 in Safe Mode - Clear Cache and Rebuild Database. Once again, this won’t delete any of your content. This option actually lets you do two separate things: clear the cache first and then rebuild the database. Clearing the cache is self-explanatory; rebuilding the database will scan the drive and create a new database of all content on the system.
  • Next, you can try to update the System Software. The easiest way to do this relies on having an internet connection, and you can then download this directly. Alternatively, you can download the latest system software onto a USB via a PC or Mac. Sony provides instructions on how to do this here.
  • If you’ve reached this stage and are still trapped in Safe Mode, then it’s time to consider the big guns. First, select the Reset PS5 option. This will delete all user data, and effectively perform a factory reset on the console. So if you don’t want to lose your content, make a backup first.
  • Your last option is Reset PS5 (Reinstall System Software). Much like the previous option, this will erase all user data. It also removes the PS5 system software. You will then need to use a USB to reinstall the PS5 system software.
PS5 Stuck In Safe Mode
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What Is Safe Mode?

Safe Mode allows you to start your PS5 but run only the most basic functions. It is often used to help fix other issues, by allowing you to perform various functions, such as rebuilding your database or resetting the console.

Ordinarily, it’s the solution to problems, rather than their cause. But if you do find yourself stuck in Safe Mode, then try the steps we outlined above, in the order we suggested them.

If nothing works, then we’d recommend contacting PlayStation Support for further assistance.

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What Causes This Issue?

It isn’t entirely clear why this happens, but it has been known to affect previous generations of PlayStation consoles. Speculating slightly, it’s potentially down to a software issue. Depending on what the glitch was that made it necessary to enter Safe Mode in the first place, it could be a contributory factor in then making it harder to escape from than Alcatraz.

The steps we’ve outlined above will almost certainly resolve the issue. A factory reset or a total software reinstall are nuclear options, but if it’s the choice between that or a console that doesn’t work? We know what we’d go for.

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