PS5 mic not working - how to fix the voice chat issues

PS5 Mic Not Working: How To Fix PS5 Voice Chat Issues

PS5 Mic Not Working: How To Fix PS5 Voice Chat Issues

If your PS5 mic is not working and you are encountering voice chat issues such as echoing or complete absence of sound, we have some effective troubleshooting steps you might consider.

In strategy games and tactical shooters where teamwork and coordination are crucial, having a functioning microphone is vital; lacking one could be the difference between securing a victory and facing defeat.

Therefore, we've put together this handy little set of troubleshooting tips, to help fix your PS5 voice chat.

How to fix PS5 voice chat issues

The first thing to do if you're experiencing voice chat problems on your PS5, is to try tweaking some of the audio settings on your console:

  • Change your output device:
  • Go to Settings Sound Audio Output and select Output Device and select which audio output device you want to use.
  • Adjust the microphone level:
    • You may not already be aware, but your DualSense controller has an in-built mic that you can use for voice chat. You can press the mute button on your controller to mute or unmute your mic.
    • If you need to configure microphone settings, go to Settings Sound Microphone. This menu will allow you to change both your  Input Device and Adjust Microphone Level. You can do this for the controller, a USB mic, or your headset.
  • You can also prioritise Party or Game Chat:
    • Press the PS button to go to the control centre.
    • Select Game Base and choose your party from the list.
    • The drop-down menu on the voice chat card in the control centre will allow you to switch between voice chat and game chat, should you need to.

If none of these adjustments works, let's see what else you may want to try.

Further troubleshooting steps for PS5 mic not working issue

If the tips we outlined above don't work, then it's time to consider some further possible fixes:

  • Check your internet connection. This is especially important if the voice chat keeps disconnecting. If you're on WiFi, try switching to a wired connection to improve stability.
  • Restart your console and your router.
  • Open the following PSN ports on your router (you may need to contact your ISP for help with this):
    • TCP: 80, 443, 3478, 3479, 3480
    • UDP: 3478, 3479
  • It's also worth checking for any issues with PSN by visiting their status page.
  • Check for any pending updates on your console.

If you've tried all these steps and still can't get voice chat to work, then it's time to reach out to Sony for further help and support. But hopefully, if you've followed our advice, you won't need to.

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