PS5: How to delete a game from the PS5 HDD

As games become more sophisticated with higher-quality textures and other aspects, these need to be installed onto the console's hard drive, but this can be to the detriment to the available free space it has. The same rings true for the PlayStation 5.

Once you free up more space, it will allow you to have additional storage which you can use to store additional data.

It could be additional data from one of your current games, such as updates and DLC, or an entirely new game that you wish to play as well.

With all of this considered, here's how to delete a game from the PS5 hard drive.

Delete PS5 games on your HDD

The official PlayStation support page lists what you need to do to delete PS5 games and apps on your HDD or hard disk drive.

  • Go to your console's Settings and choose the Storage tab.
  • Click the Games and Apps option, and select Items You Can Delete.
  • Choose Delete for you to delete a game or app on your HDD.

There are other games wherein you can delete portions of it, and not the entire game.

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How to re-download deleted PS5 games

If you wish to re-download the games that you have deleted, unfortunately, you may have to free up space again so these can fit onto your hard drive once more.

Go to the game library and select the game that you want to download again.

This will automatically re-install the game, and it will not require you to pay for it again.

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