PS5 - How long does it take to charge a DualSense controller?

dualsense controller ps5

dualsense controller ps5

When you're mid-way through a marathon gaming session, one of the most frustrating things to see on your PS5 is a little notification in the corner warning you that your DualSense battery is low.

Of course, having to charge your controller is nothing new. With Sony continuing to opt for a built-in battery for its controllers as opposed to Xbox's way of AA batteries, charging your new DualSense controller will see you tethered to the console/a plug socket as you wait for it to charge.

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But how long does it take to charge the PS5 controller fully? We've got all the information right below.

How long does it take to charge a DualSense controller?

According to the official PlayStation Blog, charging the PS5 controller when connected to the console or in the docking station will take around 3 hours.

If your DualSense controller takes a significant amount longer to get back to full charge, you may need to have your controller checked as soon as possible as it could be faulty.

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How to charge your DualSense controller

You can charge your DualSense controller by connecting it to your actual PS5 console, or placing it into the official DualSense Charging Station. You can buy the Charging Station by going here.

While these are the recommended methods to charge your DualSense, as it features a universal USB-C plug, connecting it to other power sources, or other unofficial Charging Stations will also charge the controller.

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