How to post a GIF on Instagram comment

How to post a GIF on Instagram comment

How to post a GIF on Instagram comment

Instagram has become a popular platform for sharing images, videos, and stories with friends and followers. But did you know that you can also post a GIF in the Instagram comment section?

Adding a GIF to your comment can be a fun way to express yourself and add some extra personality to your interactions on the platform. However, many users may not know how to post GIFs on Instagram comments.

In this article, we will guide you through the steps to quickly post a GIF on Instagram comments and make your comments more engaging and entertaining.

How to post a GIF on Instagram comment

The ability to post GIFs in comments has been in use on other social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook for years, and now, Instagram is following suit. By allowing users to post GIFs in comments, Instagram has opened up a new realm of creative expression for its users.

If you've always wanted to add some extra flair to your Instagram comments, here is how to post a GIF on Instagram comment:

  • As you normally would, tap the comment icon under the post you wish to comment on.
  • Now, tap the GIF icon on the bottom right of the screen.
  • Search and select the GIF you wish to use from the GIPHY library.

And that's how you can post a GIF on Instagram. Easy, right?

Since the launch of this feature, users have been quick to embrace it, using GIFs to express emotions and reactions and add humour to conversations in the comments section.

Instagram quiet mode, which is another feature the company rolled out recently, has also been welcomed by the community with open arms.

Can't post GIFs in the Instagram comment section?

How to post a GIF on Instagram comment
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For many users, there is no GIF icon in the Instagram comment section, therefore, they are not able to post GIFs. If you are one of those unfortunate users, don't worry. Just go to the app store and update the Instagram app. It should work!

If it still doesn't work, it is probably because the feature is not yet available in your region or on your device. Multiple sources on the Internet suggest that the feature is now only available on iOS devices, but it should be rolled out on a large scale in the coming weeks.

So, keep your eyes peeled and update your Instagram app as soon as a new update is released. It should probably include that feature that allows you to post a GIF on the Instagram comment.

While you wait for the feature to be available, take a look at how to see the exact time of an Instagram post and how to view the Instagram archive on a desktop.

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