How to - play games on Snapchat

How to play games on Snapchat snapchat on iPhone

How to play games on Snapchat snapchat on iPhone

Snapchat is a great app to chat with your friends and family, along with creating polls and discovering new emojis. Did you know you can actually play games on it? Or rather, at one point it was possible. How to play games on Snapchat?

Indeed, there has been news that Snapchat removed games recently, is there a reason why? Could we still play those games on our phones?

Let's then look at all you need to know about Snapchat games, from how to play them to if they are really gone.

How to play games on Snapchat

Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to play games directly on Snapchat. Previously, Snapchat had a Games and Minis feature that allowed users to play games within the app. However, as of now, the company has decided to remove the games from its application.

Games, like Flip the Egg, Subway Surfers and Om Nom Run, provided enjoyable experiences both for individual play and multiplayer sessions with friends.

Snapchat also featured some helpful Minis. One noteworthy Mini was the Birthdays Mini, which allowed users to conveniently see upcoming birthdays on Snapchat.

Why did Snapchat remove games from the app?

In February of 2023, it was first reported by many Snapchat users that they had suddenly lost access to games. A few days later, it was confirmed by the developers of the app themselves that Games and Minis were no longer available and would not return.

As for the reasons why, apparently, in response to a tweet, the official Snapchat Support account mentioned that the company was going to shift the focus to products that were more beneficial for creators and viewers.

If we could guess a reason, probably the company decided to invest too much in games without much of a return on their investments, despite the good success of the initial games.

That does not mean they won't come back, at some point in the future, but for now, no more games on Snapchat unfortunately.

Perhaps, you could find some fun in interacting with Snapchat My AI. It is definitely not the same as games, but at least you can spend some time while you're bored waiting for the bus.

How to access Snapchat My AI?

While initially only available to Snapchat Plus subscribers, Snapchat My AI has now been made available to all users. You could definitely find it in the app if you look. But how to use it?

To access Snapchat My AI, go to your Chat Screen and select My AI. Now you can ask any questions that you may have directly in the chat. You can also give the AI chatbot a name of your liking and customize the wallpaper for your Chat.

It might not be as fun as playing games, but it is certainly a nifty feature that will keep you coming back for more conversations. We recommend you try these funny questions to ask My AI on Snapchat. Also, try the Snapchat AI jailbreak prompt.

But ensure you don't go overboard as My AI has a usage limit.

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