How to pin comments on TikTok Live

How to pin comments on TikTok Live

How to pin comments on TikTok Live

We know that it is possible to pin comments on a TikTok video as well as hide comments on TikTok Live, but can you pin comments on TikTok Live?

Pinning comments allows you to highlight specific messages from viewers when you go live on TikTok. By pinning comments from your audience, you not only demonstrate that you see and acknowledge their presence but also create an interactive environment where everyone feels valued.

In this guide, we will explore the process of pinning comments during a TikTok Live session, enabling you to engage with your audience more effectively.

Can you pin comments on TikTok Live?

No, you can't pin comments on TikTok Live. However, content creators have found an alternative approach to highlight specific messages during live streams by pinning questions instead.

By asking viewers to submit questions in the comment section, creators can then select and display those questions on the screen, giving them prominence and allowing for focused discussions.

While this may not be the exact feature of pinning comments, it serves a similar purpose of directing attention to specific interactions and engaging with the audience more effectively.

How to pin comments on TikTok Live

As we mentioned earlier, you can't pin a comment on TikTok Live. But you can pin questions asked by your viewers, which is what many creators do. There are two ways to pin a question on TikTok Live and we will share them with you.

Here are the two ways to pin comments on TikTok Live:

  • One, turn on the Q&A feature and then tap on the pin icon next to the comment/question you wish to pin.
  • Two, select Interact > Q&A > Suggested and select the comment you like to pin.

We can hope that TikTok will introduce the ability to pin comments during live streams in the future. As the platform continues to evolve and enhance its features, it's possible that they may consider implementing this highly requested functionality.

Previously, TikTok has shown a willingness to listen to user feedback and introduce new features in response to popular demand. For example, they have introduced features like auto-scroll and watch history based on user feedback and requests.

So, it is highly likely that they will introduce the functionality to pin comments on TikTok Live.

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