Path Of Exile: How to use loot filter

In Path of Exile, using loot filters could be dubbed as a necessity.

Getting loot in the game is a fulfilling feeling, regardless of what game that may be. But sometimes, there are loots that contain useless goods; there are even some loots that do not contain anything.

However, to save the day, the loot filter is there for you to obviously filter the loots on the way. It will also inform you which loots actually contain something.

With this, here are some ways on how to use the loot filter in Path of Exile.

Download your loot filter

Loot filters are game modifications, this means that there aren't any real loot filters from the game itself.

It was created by players-turned-'modders' to enhance the overall experience of playing Path of Exile. Thanks to them you can use these loot filters across your campaign.

The first step is to choose and download your loot filter from the internet. The Steam Community for the game have compiled some of the best loot filters out there.

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Install and use your loot filter

After you download a filter, it's time to install and use it in the game.

Head on to your 'Documents' folder and search for the 'My Games' folder. You'll have it as long as you have Path of Exile installed in your PC.

Next, drag your downloaded loot filter to the "Path of Exile" folder inside "My Games". Make sure that the file ends in '.filter'. If you downloaded a zip file, it should contain various different loot filters. Choose one, then drag it to the designated place as well.

Once done, begin the game and go to the 'List of Item Filters.' You can now find the loot filter that you chose. Click 'Save' for the finishing touches, and you can now enjoy using your loot filter in the game.

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