Path Of Exile: How to identify items

Path of Exile provides a bunch of hefty items ranging from character boosters all up to the unnecessary ones. But you can't identify those easily in the game.

As some items could be hidden as you go along in the game, there might be a chance you could miss it. And if it's something like a rare or unique one, that might be sad for you.

But of course, if you are fond of exploring various areas, even the most unnecessary ones, you'll eventually find some good stuff. And, with a little help, you could identify the items in Path of Exile.

Here are some ways on how to identify items in Path of Exile:

Identify items by using the Scroll of Wisdom

Probably the most common way to identify items in the game is by using the Scroll of Wisdom.

As suggested by the official Game Pedia page of Path of Exile, the Scroll of Wisdom is a common currency item that can be used to identify items all over the game.

It can identify whether those items could be classified as magic, rare, or unique items. It can also determine items on some strongboxes which can be found in various places.

It is highly advisable for beginners to save their Scroll of Wisdom which they can maximize especially in the later parts of Path of Exile.

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Identify items by familiarity

This method would require experience as a key factor.

Aside from the Scrolls of Wisdom, a player's familiarity in identifying items during his or her earlier runs in the game could really help to identify items in Path of Exile.

Amaze Invent mentioned that with the experienced players being able to face-off more enemies compared to the newer ones, they could identify items already on their own.

Killed monsters can drop chests as well as destructible containers. Those who are familiar with which item type could be dropped may be able to identify the items they can get.

But again, the game is unpredictable, so it's better to expect the unexpected.

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