Path Of Exile: How to dual wield

Path of Exile allows players to equip not just one, but two weapons at once for their characters! Yes, you can dual wield in the game.

Dual wielding is the capability to use two one-handed weapons, may they be the same type or different ones.

It also gives players a massive boost. Not just the fact that there are two weapons you can use, but there are also some extra benefits when you do so.

And here's what you need to know on how to dual wield in Path of Exile:

How to dual wield

The official Gamepedia page of Path of Exile mentions the different things you need to take note of about dual wielding.

The different one-handed weapons you can use to dual wield include claws, daggers, one hand axes, maces, and swords, thrusting one hand swords, and wands.

When you perform an attack skill of one weapon, you will use first the skill with your main hand. It will be followed by the off-hand and would alternate in use after that.

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Dual wield effects and bonuses

And like what I said earlier, there are a bunch of good things for you when you do dual wield.

It will grant you stats such as additional 15% chance to block damage, as well as 10% attack speed for your character.

Yet you must also take note that upon using a weapon-specific skill, both of the weapons should be compatible with the skill to make it useful and effective.

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