Path Of Exile: How to change DirectX version

Path of Exile has utilized the DirectX API ever since it was released. And through the years it has used several versions of it.

The game has used all of the versions of the Direct X. From the earliest one which was the Direct X 9 up until the later version which is the Direct X 11, all of those were utilized by Path of Exile.

Yet now, it seems that players cannot access the earlier versions. And they are now stuck with the Direct X 11.

Let's find out if there's a way on how to change DirectX version in Path of Exile.

How to change DirectX version in Path of Exile

You can't. It's impossible now. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

As of July 2019, and confirmed on the official Path of Exile forum page, the settings to change the DirectX version have already been deleted.

The much later DirectX version 11 has been the API of the game ever since the DirectX 9 setting was gone. We need to accept that the earliest version of the API is not supported anymore. But there might be something worth doing...

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How to use the DirectX 10 or 11 version

Standing Stones Game Help listed how to use the DirectX 10 11 API. So you do have a choice here, even though you can't go all the way back to 9.

Make sure that the API is installed in your PC. Then proceed with logging in to the game.

Open the Options menu. Then click the "Graphics" on the right side, and choose either DirectX 10 or DirectX 11.

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