OVR NFT: What Is OVR NFT And How Do I Buy OVR Land?

The marriage of Metaverse and NFT is the trend that is being seen in the world of crypto and blockchain right now. The combination of the two is a match made in heaven, as the technologies make it more attractive to investors. One of the latest projects that have combined both the worlds of Metaverse and NFT is OVR Metaverse. That said, what exactly is an OVR land NFT and how can you buy it? Let’s look into the details!

What is OVR NFT?

In case you don't know, OVR is a digital layer covering the entire globe. Essentially, it's a virtual world on top of the real world that can be explored/visited using your devices' camera. Imagine Pokemon Go, but with a variety of interactive content including 3D games, video, audio, images, etc.

The OVR Metaverse (virtual world) is made up of 1.6 trillion hexagon plots, overlaying the entire planet, each with a dimension of 300 Square Meters. The hexagons are called OVRLands and they have specific geographic positions.

OVRLands are NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain that represents the ownership of virtual lands. Like The Sandbox and Decentraland Metaverses, lands in OVR is also used as a container to hold content. Users can create AR and VR digital experiences (OVRExperience) and place them on their OVRLand.

You can earn money (OVR tokens) by selling your OVRLand on the marketplace or renting it out to advertisers. In addition, you can build a fantastic augmented reality experience (OVRExperience) on your land and charge an entrance fee for passive income.

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How Do I Buy OVR Land?

You have already seen the benefits of owning an OVRLand, now, let's learn how to buy an OVR land NFT. In comparison to The Sandbox, Decentraland, and Axie Infinity, OVR has a significantly greater number of plots. Here is how to buy an OVR Land:

  1. Visit the OVR marketplace and sign in to your account.
  2. Click on “connect wallet” on top to link you wallet.
  3. Select the OVRLand that you want on the map.
  4. Once you have picked your spot, click on "Init Auction".
  5. Insert the amount you want to bid for and confirm by clicking on "Place Bid".
  1. Wait for 24 hours; if there is no other user over bidding you, an NFT representing the OVRLand will be minted and sent to your wallet.

Note that if you bid for an OVRLand in an area where no land has been bought, the base price will be $10 paid in OVR. However, if you bid for an OVRLand located in an area with high demand, the base price will rise up accordingly, to a maximum of $100.

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