Outriders: How to fix error code CE-34878-0

Outriders was first released by Square Enix on April 1 2021. While it has proved popular, it has not been without a few teething problems, with issues ranging from being unable to get online to play, to being kicked off the server during the game, to name a couple. Another problem that we've seen reported is error code CE-34878-0, which seems to crash the game.

So if you encounter this particular error, what can you do to try to resolve it? Here are some pointers to try to help you on your way.

What does this error code mean?

The error code CE-34878-0 is an error which is known to appear on the Playstation 4. It is an indicator that your game has crashed, and you will need to restart the game. In most cases, rebooting the game will be enough to resolve the problem.

However, there are occasions when this error code refuses to go away. When this happens, there are a few things you can try to hopefully resolve it, and get back to playing Outriders on your PS4.

Here is what you can try.

How do I fix it?

Sony have a few suggestions to resolve error CE-34878-0

  • The first thing to try is closing the application, and make sure you have installed the latest System Software and game updates. Then restart your system.
  • If you have upgraded the HDD (Hard Disk Drive) Sony suggest re-installing the original HDD.
  • If the error keeps occurring, back up your saved data, go to Settings>Initialization>Initialize PS4.
  • This should remedy the issue, but if the error occurs with every application, contact PlayStation Support.

Hopefully, this will stop you from seeing this error anymore, and you can get back to the important business.

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