Oculus Quest: How to log out

Logging out of your Oculus Quest? There is a consequence in doing it.

by David Gealogo
Oculus Quest 2 Updates

To be able to use the Oculus Quest, you need to log in to your Facebook account or your own Oculus account; but how do you log one out?

You can do so but the consequences when you do it, there are a lot.

But if you really insist and you wish to really push it then there’s a way to do it.

So here’s how to log out of Oculus Quest.

Factory reset

A reset is definitely one straight-forward method to log an Oculus headset out.

However, that’s the only way you can log a device out. The Oculus Quest’s is a company that’s owned by Facebook, so in order to truly separate it, a reset is the only way.

So logging out either one of those might not be the best task to carry out – as it will leave the headset being unavailable for use.

That’s why the best thing to do is not to log out.

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How to factory reset

You can factory reset your Oculus Quest two ways – using your Oculus app or through the headset itself. Both are listed on the official Oculus support page.

  • To factory reset using the Oculus app, just open it and go to the settings and select factory reset.
  • To factory reset on the headset itself, hold the power and volume buttons. Approve all the pop ups that will appear using the volume buttons again.

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David Gealogo