Oculus Quest crash: How to fix it when your headset crashes

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A part of a device or gadget's life is the possibility of a system crash. It can occur at any time.

It can occur whenever you are in the middle of using it, may it be watching a video or playing a game.

It can really disturb users, especially after spending an evening engrossed in the game of choice. However, there is a corresponding emergency action that you can do if it suddenly happens.

With all things considered, here's how to fix your Oculus Quest when it crashes.

Reset your Oculus Quest headset

A reset on your Oculus Quest can help fix your headset once it crashes.

You can do it by simply pressing the power button on your headset. Hold it until your headset turns off.

A good 30-50 seconds would do. Release once and it will reboot itself. It should fix your headset that experienced a crash.

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Contact the official Oculus Quest support page

But if your Oculus Quest headset continues to experience such crashing multiple times, maybe it's best to contact the retailer where you bought it.

Another method you can do is to contact and consult with the official Oculus Quest support page.


They may help you with the issues your headset experiences. You may do so by going here.

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