Oculus Quest authentication error: How to fix it

Wifi devices may experience an authentication error once it tries to connect to the internet.. One of those is the Oculus Quest VR headset.

Being unable to connect to the internet may disable some of the headset's available features.

Although there are some ways which may help you to solve this problem.

Here's how to fix the Oculus Quest authentication error.

Fix the Oculus Quest authentication error by restarting your Wifi router

One way which could help fix authentication errors on most devices is to restart the actual Wi-Fi router.

You can do so by simply unplugging the cable of your router. Wait for a few seconds, and plug it back once again.

There is a chance that the authentication error on your Oculus Quest would be washed away after doing it.

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Fix the Oculus Quest authentication error by restarting your headset's Wifi sensor

Another point you can try out is to restart the Wi-Fi sensor on your Oculus Quest headset.

As per the official support page for Oculus Quest, you can do it by turning off your headset's Wi-Fi sensor on the Oculus app in your phone, or on the actual headset itself.

It may help to fix the authentication error immediately.

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