NVIDIA RTX 3070 Ti 16GB Release Date, Predicted Specs, Everything We Know

With persistent rumours of Nvidia announcing several new graphics cards at CES 2022, it would be remiss of us to ignore the stories. One rumour we want to look at is the possible NVIDIA RTX 3070 Ti 16GB release. With demand for high-end GPUs showing little sign of abating (possibly thanks to cryptomining and NFTs, among other things) people are desperate to know whether there will be any new hardware to help boost supply. We're going to take a look at the RTX 3070 Ti 16GB, and tell you absolutely everythnig you need to know.

NVIDIA RTX 3070 Ti 16GB Release Date

According to Videocardz, the RTX 3070 Ti 16GB was originally expected to be announced on December 17th, with a release on January 11th 2022. This was the same news that accompanied the RTX 3080 12GB. In both cases, however, the anticipated announcement did not happen, which casts doubt on the release date as well. It is possible that Nvidia decided to wait until CES before making the announcement. After all, they are expected to announce both the RTX 3050 and the RTX 3090 Ti at the Las Vegas showcase.

On the other hand, it's possible that Nvidia has decided to postpone these announcements even further. Some people are suggesting a delay until after February 1st. Others meanwhile, are speculating that they may wait to see what competitors are announcing. It's also possible that they have decided to bin these particular projects entirely. Given the ongoing worldwide shortage of components, Nvidia may have had to make some tough choices about which projects to focus on. We simply don't know at this point.

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In terms of the specifications for the RTX 3070 Ti 16GB, we preface this by reminding you that these are all rumoured. As such, take it all with a healthy amount of salt (although given salt in large quantities is bad for you, maybe don't overthink the metaphor too much). The specs that are being reported are as follows:

  • 6144 CUDA cores
  • 19Gbps Memory Speed

There are yet to be any benchmarks for clock speeds, power draw or other important features. But we can expect it to be faster and better performing than the standard RTX 3070. Otherwise what's the point?

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Anything Else Worth Knowing?

We can't say anything especially definitive in terms of price for the RTX 3070 Ti 16GB. But we can suggest that it will likely fall somewhere between the RTX 3070 Ti and the RTX 3080. The 3070 Ti launched at $599/£529. While the 3080 was in the region of $699/£649. So that's the sort of ballpark we would expect to be playing in. Of course, this is before factoring issues such as supply, scalpers, and the challenge that creates in letting anyone else actually get their hands on one of these.

As ever, we await official news from Nvidia to provide answers to these questions. But we'll make sure we update this article as soon as we learn anything new.

Update: RTX 3070 Ti Laptops Announced

Nvidia announced a raft of new GPUs at CES 2022. While the RTX 3070 Ti was not necessarily expected at CES, we got something anyway. The RTX 3070 Ti laptops are claimed to be 70% faster than RTX 2070 Super laptops, and capable of delivering 100 fps at 1440p. These laptops will be available from February 1st, and cost from $1499.

The current confirmed specifications for the RTX 3070 Ti laptop GPUs are as follows:

  • 5888 CUDA Cores
  • 8GB GDDR6
  • 2nd Generation Ray Tracing Cores
  • 3rd Generation Tensor Cores

While not as powerful as the RTX 3080 Ti laptop GPU that was announced at the same time (and we wouldn't expect it to be) it does still boast some impressive claims. Nvidia has stated that we can expect it to be up to 1.7x faster than the current line of RTX 2070 Super laptop GPUs.

As ever though, it won't be until these new GPUs are tested out in the real world, that we get to see just how well they really perform.

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