Nintendo Switch not charging? Here's how to fix it!

There comes a time in many devices where you give them a once-over; their yearly checkup after many subsequent years of owning it.

From an iPhone to even your old cartridges from your Nintendo 64 and your SEGA Mega Drive; everything needs its time for maintenance to make sure that they can still work for as long as they can. Or until they are replaced by a newer model.

The Nintendo Switch has been a console that has been a huge success since its launch in 2017, and it’s coming to that time where scratches are being seen, joy-cons are being replaced, and memory cards are being upgraded.

But there’s also a rare moment that you’re noticing that its not charging as well as it did before. So lets see what could cause it, and how to try and fix it.

No Charge For 3D All Stars

There’s a few possibilities as to why the battery on your Switch may not be charging as normal. One could be because of the amount of dust that could have built up in the USB-C charging port.

This also applies to the ‘Switch Lite’. Some use their Switch more like a handheld than in a dock, so it can be prone to collecting dust, and in-turn, goes into this charging port.

Another could be just the repeated method of docking the Switch each day, charging up the battery, and repeat. Batteries degrade over time, especially in how more frequent it charges, so the reputation can result in a battery that lasts much less than how it was in the first year of owning a Switch.

Another aspect could be using third-party docks. These have been known to charge the battery and keep charging it while the Switch is docked, speeding up the degradation.

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How to Fix

Using a cotton bud, you can go into the charging port and gently remove the dust balls that have built up inside. Try the port with a USB-C cable to feel how well it fits into the port, and if its better than before, then it’s good to go.

The battery could simply be heading towards the end of its life. It’s always strongly advised to go to Nintendo’s Support site to enquire about a new battery instead of looking at third-party options in your area.

If you are using a third-party Switch dock, it’s simply advised not to use one. Nintendo don’t sanction the majority of these, and it’s best to find one though official channels.

We are heading into the fourth year of the Switch, with rumours abound for a new model featuring 4K resolutions, so another solution, as strange as it may read, is to wait for the next version if you have your eye on one.

Batteries degrade over time, but look to the USB-C port first, and if it still doesn’t charge correctly, Nintendo Support will be the best route for a solution.

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