Nintendo Switch got wet - how to fix a water-damaged Switch console

nintendo switch got wet

So, you've taken your Switch into the bathroom with you and you're just sat there, chilling in the bath while playing Breath of the Wild. If your Nintendo Switch got wet, it would be terrible, wouldn't it?

Well, you're about to finish the fight with Ganon, when suddenly your dog comes bounding into the bathroom, scares you, and you drop your Switch.

Now, this isn't an ideal situation, but thankfully, you pulled your Switch out of the bath, turned it off, and now you're just sat staring at it and hoping.

How can you get water out of your Nintendo Switch?

How to get water out of your Nintendo Switch

Well, make sure you leave the console off. In the event it wasn't in the bath and you just spilt some water on it, still make sure it's off, and it's not plugged in.

The best way to deal with this is to simply let it dry off for a couple of days, it's not flashy, but it can work.

Your other main bet is to get a small box and some silica gel packets. You can then leave them all in there for a day or so and hopefully, the moisture will be gone. If that's not worked, then you've only really got one option.

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Official water damage fix

So, the Nintendo website states that water damage isn't covered by the warranty, which means you may have to pay for a repair.

It also states that "If the console has become wet or shows signs of humidity, the product will be considered irreparable since it must be reconstructed again and this is not possible at the Repair Centre since the cost is disproportionate to the value of a new console."

Unfortunately, if drying your console off for a few days didn't work, your only real option is to send it to the Repair Centre. If that doesn't work, you're going to need a new Switch.

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That's everything you need to know if your Nintendo Switch got wet. Hopefully

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