New World Server Status: Is New World Down, And How To Check The Server Status

The popularity of New World since the beta testing period opened at the end of July has placed a strain on the New World server status. With over 200,000 concurrent players clocked at one stage, demand to access and play the game has been huge. For some players though, getting online to actually play has been akin to embarking on a voyage to the New World in the fifteenth century. Namely, make yourself comfortable, because it's going to take a while.

Even though you are less likely to get scurvy on this occasion, it is nonetheless a test of patience for players. So how can you identify whether you are simply in a long queue, or when there is actually an issue with the servers? We'll shed some light on this very question, so that you can decide whether it's worth waiting, or if that would in fact be all for nothing.

Is New World down?

Depending on when you are reading this article, it is possible. The New World closed beta ran between July 20th and August 2nd, with the full release of the game expected at the end of August. So if you are trying to play between these dates, it is possible that the game simply won't be available to access. We don't know whether any further beta tests are in the pipeline prior to release. Given there are only a few weeks to go, it may be unlikely.

But if you are reading this after New World has been released, then there are other possibilities to consider. The first one is that you are in an extremely long queue. This was an issue for a lot of layers during the closed beta window, as the servers struggled to cope at times with the volume of players. We've got more about that in an article over here.

New World Server status
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This leads to the other possibility, that the servers have in fact gone down. If this is the case, then you will just be sitting indefinitely waiting until the problem is fixed by Amazon. But how can you tell? Well, finding out the server status is your best bet.

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How to check New World Server Status

Checking the status of the game server will give you a pretty good idea about why you are struggling to get into the game. If everything is green, then it's more likely to be a traffic issue. If the server has gone down, that also tells you what you need to know.

Amazon have a dedicated server status page that you can visit to find out the status of your local server. Or, if you're using a VPN, whichever server you are connecting to at that time. They've divided it into different regions, so you can narrow it down to the area closest to where you live. You can also follow the official New WorldTwitter feed, where they can be expected to post updates and news. So if there is something going wrong on the server, you'll probably hear about it.

The closed beta has certainly garnered some very encouraging responses from players. Despite the unfortunate issues some players have experienced with their GPU, there is a lot of optimism about New World. Hopefully, by the time it is released, they will have got a handle on the server issues as well.

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