NBA 2K21 badge glitch: What to do if you're seeing badge problems on NBA 2K21

While the game has been released to positive reviews, most who have pre-ordered the ‘Mamba Forever’ edition are waiting to play NBA 2K21 on their next-gen console of choice.

But in the meantime, many players have been subjected to glitches that have rendered them very over-powered, and the ‘badge glitch’ is a great example.

Being able to take advantage of this glitch, it enables the player to max out their players, almost giving them super-human powers, as if they were playing a game in Space Jam.

With that, here’s the details of the glitch, and an ETA of when it may be fixed.

Badge of Glitch Honour

It seems strange that another release of NBA2K brings another badge glitch. Last year brought the same glitch and the patch also brought about many bans for players in the game who took advantage of it.

Yet again, the badge glitch has arrived in 2K21, and there’s already many guides in how to make it work for you, such as the one below.

To summarise, here’s just how to get that badge glitch:

  • Create a player
  • Go into your first High School game
  • Play to the best of your abilities
  • Save and quit the game 20 seconds before the match ends
  • Close the NBA 2K21 application
  • Open it again and load the same MyCareer Player
  • Play the remainder of the High School match
  • Finish the match
  • Close the NBA 2K21 app when the School Projection Schools Interested screen appears
  • Open the NBA 2K21 app again
  • Load the same MyPlayer again and repeat the process

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A Badge of Fix

It’s a lot of repetition in making sure that the badge glitch works as expected, but eventually you will be able to max out your players to rival any team in the game.

But be aware, last year 2K did ban many players from using the glitch, and while the above shows one way to do it, it’s strongly advised that you don’t, in case you want to risk your account.

But it is baffling that the same glitch from last year, which was fixed, has appeared again, and we’re at the same point as last year.

Hopefully 2K can fix it soon, and in time before the new consoles arrive.

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