How to livestream on YouTube with Oculus Quest 2

How to livestream on YouTube with Oculus Quest 2 device on white background

How to livestream on YouTube with Oculus Quest 2 device on white background

There are a lot of great things one can do with a VR headset. Sure, obviously you can play games but there are many different experiences out there. For example, you could do a bit of live streaming. Perhaps, you've been wondering how to livestream on YouTube with Oculus Quest 2.

The second generation of the VR headset was released in October of 2020 but it still is very much one of the favourite devices by everyone, together with others such as Sony's PlayStation VR 2 (which has a great line-up of launch games).

But if you're looking after streaming on YouTube, let's look at how to livestream with the Oculus Quest 2.

How to livestream on YouTube with Oculus Quest 2

While there are different methods to do so, the one we recommend is using the Oculus casting portal. Make sure your VR headset is updated (here's how to update it) Then follow these steps:

  • Log in to the website with your Oculus or Facebook account;
  • In the headset select "Share" and "Cast";
  • Among the options, you should find "Computer";
  • You will be casting both audio and video.

The only limitation with this is that it only casts the video feed from one eye, which means the result will be something similar to a vertical letterboxed screen with plenty of space in the black bars.

Livestreaming with Oculus Quest 2 with SideQuest

There is another method, slightly more complicated, that works around the limitations of the Oculus portal. It involves downloading an app called SideQuest, and activating developer mode. Follow these steps:

  • Go to and sign in to your Oculus profile;
  • Create a free developer account;
  • Turn on Developer Mode in the Oculus app;
  • Connect the headset to PC with the USB-C cable;
  • The SideQuest app should notify the successful connection;
  • Select the Wi-Fi symbol in the primary toolbar, so you can disconnect the headset from the PC now;
  • Select the TV icon to cast your Quest directly to PC.

If the image appears distorted, there are several options to fix it, so do not worry but be sure everything is set up correctly before streaming.

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