Is Steam on Nintendo Switch: Can You Play Steam Games On Switch?

A Nintendo Switch console - Is Steam on Nintendo Switch
Credit: Nintendo

A Nintendo Switch console - Is Steam on Nintendo Switch
Credit: Nintendo

Is Steam on Nintendo Switch? The Nintendo Switch is a hugely successful console, but will it allow you to play Steam games? The thought of being able to play PC games as well as Nintendo games in a single package is certainly an enticing one.

But can we turn it into a reality, or is this nothing more than a pipe dream? Let's find out whether you can use Steam on Nintendo Switch.

Is Steam On Nintendo Switch?

Steam games are not currently available on Nintendo Switch. And this isn't a situation that looks like it's going to change anytime soon. First and foremost, Steam has released its own handheld gaming machine - the Steam Deck. It would make little sense for Steam to then make their games available on a rival console. If they did, then Switch owners would then have absolutely no incentive to buy the Steam Deck.

PSX Steam on Nintendo Switch - Is Steam on Nintendo Switch?
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And commercial considerations from Valve aren't the only issue at play here. Nintendo is fiercely protective of its gaming heritage. It seems unlikely that they would seek to dilute that, by allowing Steam games to be playable on the Switch. And there are also issues around the way the platforms are built, and the way the games are made, which could cause compatibility issues.

In short, while this would definitely be a win for gamers, it doesn't really seem to be in the interests of either company. However, if you are absolutely determined to play Steam games on your Switch, there is one possible option.


Some adventurous types out there have discovered that it is possible to jailbreak their Nintendo Switch. They then use it to install other games and software, that Nintendo wouldn't necessarily endorse. Of course, we aren't going to advocate that you take this course of action. And Nintendo will almost certainly take a dim view.

Users have reported that jailbreaking their Switch has led to them being banned from going online by Nintendo. So you wouldn't be able to play via Nintendo Switch Online. Nor would you be able to access the Nintendo E-Shop. And it will immediately void any warranty that you might have had on your console. Plus, will the Switch be able to give you the best experience of those Steam games?

Of course, it's up to you to decide whether to jump down that particular rabbit hole. But we'd probably be trying to get our hands on a Steam Deck if we want to play Steam games on the go.

There may be some enterprising souls among you wondering whether Steam Link would offer a route to playing Steam games on Switch.

Steam Link is a service that allows remote play for your Steam games. It's also compatible with a wide range of different operating systems, including Android, iOS, macOS, Raspberry Pi, Windows and Linux.

It does not, however, offer any compatibility with Nintendo Switch. So if you were hoping that this would provide you with a solution, we're sorry to disappoint you.

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