Is PS5 Rest Mode Safe 2021: Is the PS5's Rest Mode Issue fixed yet?

Has Son finally got around to resolving the issues with the PS5 Rest Mode? That's the big question we'll be looking at in this article.

For the uninitiated, Rest Mode is the PS5 equivalent of standby or low-power mode. It allows your console to run background tasks, such as performing updates, or charging your controller, but doesn't require it to be fully on.

This means it draws less power than it otherwise would. It also means you can start back up again faster. That's the theory, anyway.

What is the issue with PS5 Rest Mode?

More or less from day one, there have been many reports of problems with Rest Mode.

Issues range from DualSense inputs not being recognised by the console, to save data being lost, to really serious crashes that require a system rebuild via Safe Mode. There are even concerns that some consoles are being bricked because of Rest Mode. So it is by no means a trivial issue.

The cause is also unclear. Some have speculated that it was linked to specific games; Spider-Man: Miles Morales was particularly prominent. Others have suggested there is a link to plugging in an extended storage USB. But whatever the cause, there was no definitive culprit.

Sony, meanwhile, has been resolutely silent on this point. They haven't really acknowledged that there is even an issue, despite all the stories that appear on a quick Google search. None of the patches seems to make any reference to Rest Mode either. So we remain in the dark as to whether they have actually addressed this.

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Is PS5 Rest Mode safe yet?

Maybe. It really depends on who you listen to. One website earlier this year reported improved stability, resulting in fewer glitches and crashes. But fewer is not the same as zero. More recently, others stated:

An early issue with machines going into rest mode has been fixed.

This assertion is challenged by another site, however, which muddies the waters somewhat.

The Rest Mode issue seems confined to a minority of consoles, and there are certainly many players who have used Rest Mode from launch day without a single problem. But unless and until Sony gives us a definitive answer, we might be kept wondering.

If you're someone who has used Rest Mode routinely without an issue, then, by all means, carry on if you want. But if it's something that you've been stung by in the past, you may want to wait for an answer from Sony before trying it again.

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